Consumer and Market Insights: Bakery and Cereals Market in Norway

Consumer and Market Insights: Bakery and Cereals Market in Norway is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. This report brings together consumer insight and market data to provide a comprehensive brief of Norway’s Bakery and Cereals market. This allows for the rapid identification of key growth opportunities across major Bakery and Cereals categories and their packaging.

Key Findings
– Norway’s Bakery and Cereals market will register moderate growth during 2014-2019. Increasing domestic demand supported by higher disposable income will influence growth in the Bakery and Cereals market.

– In 2014, the Bread and Rolls category recorded highest consumption in volume and value terms.

– The Energy Bars category is forecast to be the fastest growing category in value terms during 2014-2019.

– Baxt, Saetre,Dansukker, Lantmanne, Ragskit are the leading brands in the Bakery and Cereals market in Norway.

– Flexible Packaging Bag/Sachet will be the most used container type during 2014-2019.

The Bakery and Cereal market in Norway is forecast to grow moderately during 2014-2019. While Breads and Rolls is the largest category, Energy bars is forecast to be the fastest growing category.

Reasons To Buy
This overview of the Bakery and Cereals Market in Norway allows new entrants and established companies to gain rapid and comprehensive insight into market value and volume, category analysis, brand shares, distribution channel data, and packaging.

Companies Mentioned

Coop Marked ICA Group Narvesan Spar 7-Elevan Nordic Sugar A/S Salta Kvarn AB Unilever PLC Pågen AB Norgesgruppen ASA Lantmännen Fria Brod AB Engers Lefsebakeri as Orkla ASA United Biscuits Ltd Validus Gruppen Godt Brod AS Dr Schar AG/SpA Paulig Ab Artisanal Producers The Kellogg Company PepsiCo, Inc. Cereal Partners Worldwide S.A. Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd Abdon Finax AB Agra Industrier AS Weetabix Limited Ivrig Handel AS Norgesmollene AS Baxt AS Dan Cake A/S Scandza AS Bisca A/S Mondel?z International, Inc. Burton’s Biscuit Company Kavli Holding AS

To access full report with TOC, please visit Consumer and Market Insights: Bakery and Cereals Market in Norway

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