Consumer and Market Insights: Confectionery Market in the US

Consumer and Market Insights: Confectionery Market in the US is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. This report in the US provides an overview of the market, analyzing market data, demographic consumption patterns within the category, and the key consumer trends driving consumption. The report highlights innovative new product development that effectively targets the most pertinent consumer need states, and offers strategic recommendations to capitalize on evolving consumer landscapes.

Key Findings
– Product innovation and greater demand for Indulgence and Fun and Enjoyment activities will drive growth in the Confectionery market

– Demand for private label Confectionery products is growing faster than demand for branded Confectionery products in the US, though brands still account for a much larger share of the market

– A greater number of consumers in the US are turning to luxury Chocolate in order to indulge

– Tweens and Early Teens aged 10 to 14 years old enjoy the highest per capita consumption, making them the most important age group to target. However understanding the role health needs increasingly play will be important when targeting this age group.

To access full report with TOC, please visit Consumer and Market Insights: Confectionery Market in the US
Consumer and Market Insights: Confectionery Market in the US identifies the key demographic groups driving consumption, and what motivates their consumption. When combined with an in-depth study of market and category dynamics, readers are able to identify key opportunities, and what they need to do in order to target them. The report uses a unique method of quantifying consumer trends to highlight the degree of influence they have on consumption within the category. The report also identifies the most important trends within the market and shows whether beliefs over what influences consumer behavior within the category are accurate.

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– Key consumer demographic groups driving consumption within the US market. The figures showcase the number of times consumers of specific ages and gender consume Confectionery, as well as identifying whether these demographic groups “over” consume in the category (i.e. they account for a higher proportion of occasions than the proportion of society they represent overall).

– A study of market value and volumes over 2009-2019 for the US, supplemented with category, brand and packaging analysis that shows the current state of the market, and how it will evolve over the next five years.

– The degree of influence that the 20 key consumer trends identified by Canadean have on Confectionery consumption volumes, with granular analysis on the extent that degree of influences varies between gender and age group.

– Insight into the implications behind the data, and analysis of how the needs of will evolve in the short-to-medium term future.

– Examples of international and US-specific product innovation targeting key consumer needs.

Reasons To Buy
This report brings together consumer analysis and market data to provide actionable insight into the behavior of US Confectionery consumers. This is based on Canadean’s unique consumer data, developed from extensive consumption surveys and consumer group tracking, which quantifies the influence of 20 consumption motivations in the Confectionery sector. Category, brand and packaging dynamics are also examined. This allows product and marketing strategies to be better aligned with the leading trends in the market.

Companies Mentioned

Mondolez International Inc., Nestlé, Mars Inc., Perfetti Van Melle, The Hershey Company, Lindt and Sprungli AG, Brach’s Confections, Russell Stover Candies, Nugali Chocolates, Wrigley’s, Ohso, Group Arcor, Wal-Mart stores Inc., The Kroger company, Safeway, Supervalu, Ahold USA Inc.

About Reportstack:

Reportstack  is one of the leading distributors of market research reports in the world today. We host more than 200,000 research products from the world’s top publication houses. These publications are distributed amongst 12 top industry verticals and 62 sub verticals, which are then further classified into 257 business categories and 5000 micro markets. The vast selection criterion provides granular data from the length and breadth of all these industries delivering Reportstack  members with cutting edge research products to facilitate strategic business decisions.


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